Tips to Get Your Media Strategy Up and Running

Don’t be put off by PR-speak and terms like public relations campaign, marketing communications or media relations.

The terminology doesn’t really matter – as long as your media strategy results in free publicity and business promotion.

Most business owners have little or no knowledge of how the media works and so never even attempt to get publicity. My goal is to change that and help all businesses get their fair share of media promotion. Here are some top tips to get your media strategy up and running:

  1. Brainstorm some newsworthy story ideas that are focussed on the benefits you provide your customers. If your customers find what you do useful, so will others like them who are reading, watching and listening to the media.
  2. Once you have a big list of benefits you provide your customers, narrow the list to six. Six ideas distributed to the media in the form of six press releases over six months will become a six monthly publicity campaign
  3. Craft six well written press releases that are completely devoid of marketing and sales speak. If it starts to sound like your brochure or web site, you’re on the wrong track. The purpose of a press release is to inform, educate or entertain, not sell or promote.
  4. Send out one press release per month for six months, ensuring you make follow up phone calls to each journalist you send it to.
  5. Learn from your successes and mistakes. If a journalist isn’t interested, ask why not – you may uncover some great information that will help you next time.
  6. Keep your coverage and promote it on your web site, on social media and in other forms of marketing like direct mail.

They key to success is perseverance and consistent effort. You’ll achieve the best results by implementing a six month media strategy, where you contact the media every month, than a haphazard approach.

Developing and implementing a media strategy is not as complicated as may have been led to believe (by a PR firm). You can do it yourself as long as you know the right way to go about it.

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