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Media marketing and generating free publicity are two entirely different promotional strategies.

Some business owners make the mistake of seeking out a marketing consultant to help them get stories about themselves or their business on TV or radio, in newspapers or magazines.

The world of public relations and generating media promotion is a very niche area which most marketing consultants don’t have experience in.

The critical differences include:

  1. Media marketing is a term often used to describe media advertising. A marketing consultant will be able to help you come up with a media advertising campaign which will involve paid advertisements on TV or radio, in newspapers or magazines. Understanding publicity means you can effectively get ‘free advertising’ by getting news stories about your business into the media for free.
  2. Marketing consultants can help you create a marketing plan that could include things like developing your brand, media and online advertising, direct mail campaigns, and other paid-for strategies. Doing your own publicity can often bring such huge results for your business that you don’t need to employ a lot of these other marketing strategies.
  3. Marketing is synonymous with advertising. The strategies a marketing consultant develops will all cost you money in one way or another. Unfortunately, once you’ve paid the consultant their fee, you then need to pay again to implement the campaign they’ve created for you.

There will always be a place for media marketing and it can be effective for those companies with big budgets and massive distribution systems.

But for small to medium sized enterprises, learning how to generate free publicity yourself is one of the most cost effective ways of promoting your business and creating sales.

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