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Getting a story published in a newspaper or magazine isn’t as difficult as you might believe – as long as you understand some basic things about the media business.

The majority of the stories in a newspaper are simply interesting pieces of information that their audience will find useful.

Yes, there are always the big news stories of the day, such as a natural disaster, political issues or court cases, but I estimate that around 40 to 50 per cent of your capital city daily newspaper is available to business owners seeking free publicity.

If you were to flick through you local newspaper today, you would find an array of stories that have resulted from press releases being sent by businesses and other organisations.

You might also note that most stories about business owners are rarely in the form of an announcement (although a PR firm will often create these ‘announcement’ press releases in order to stroke the ego of their client).

In fact, I’d encourage you to never put any kind of announcement about your business into a press release. Announcements, such as moving to a new office, or hiring a new employee or launching a new web site are not interesting to many people beyond your employees and your family.

The process of getting published comes down to understanding the following:

  1. You already possess a huge amount of interesting and useful information within your business right now.
  2. You know exactly the kinds of information your customers find useful and are seeking.
  3. If your customers find it useful, then so will others just like them.
  4. Newspapers and magazines love to run stories that their audience likes to read and will help solve problems, therefore your interesting information can easily be turned into a news story, as long as it is relevant to the media’s target audience.

Package your interesting information into a well crafted press release and you’ll find it’s not so difficult to learn how to get published in a newspaper or magazine.

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