How You Could Get Publicity on TV, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines and Online for FREE – and Create More Sales!

Media Publicity Results

  • Sonya Karras – The Project

    $60,000 in free publicity

    “Sue’s training “Publicity for Profit”, was one of the best things we have done for our businesses. Two months after completing her training I appeared on national TV show, The Project!! It works.” read more…

  • Scott and Belinda Woolford – Channel 7’s Morning Show

    $80,000 in free publicity

    “After Sue’s course I sent out my first press release to mainstream media and had Channel 7’s Morning Show get back to me within two minutes saying they were interested and wanted to do a story on Scott.”

    read more…

  • 7_today_night

    Kylie Apostoles – Today Tonight and the Sunday Times

    $36,000 in free publicity

    “Going on Today Tonight was something I thought was not possible until I understood the power of writing your kind of press release.”

    read more…

  • Justine Pollard – NBN News and Sun Herald

    $20,000 in free publicity

    “I got an interview in the Sun Herald, a spot on NBN TV News and a request to be on Sky Business News.”

    read more…

  • Hayley Lawrence – Cosmopolitan Magazine

    $36,000 in free publicity

    “I think you’re amazing! Radiant Being is featured in Cosmopolitan Health this month.”

    read more…

What Others Say

  • Universal Events, $50,000 in sales from one newspaper article!

    “Not only have we had coverage in a major metropolitan newspaper but we’ve also had several radio interviews. And that coverage has led to concrete results. We increased our attendance by 50% and that gave us a direct financial return, as a result of working with Sue.”

    – Ken Wood – Co-Owner Universal Events

    $5 000 in free media publicity

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Publicity Tips


    Learning how to write a press release is a key component of knowing how to generate publicity in the media and get your story published in a newspaper or magazine, on TV or radio. read more…


    As a former journalist the best free PR advice I can give you is never mention the ‘p’ word. That is, don’t ask for free publicity! read more…


    So, you want to know how to get on TV? The first step in getting on TV is understand what the journalist from the TV show wants from a good story. If you can meet the need of the journalist and spark interest amongst their audience, you will find getting on TV relatively easy. read more…

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