Frequently Asked Questions Publicity for Profit Training

What time does the training start on both days?  Please arrive at the venue at 8.15am so you can set up and be ready for an 8.30am start

What time does the training end on both days? The training day finishes at 5pm both days.

What time are the breaks during the day?  We have the following breaks:

–          Morning tea:  On Day 1 usually around 10am, but it could be 9.45am or 10.15am depending on the size of the group.  On day 2 at 10am.

–          Lunch:  Day 1 at 1pm.  On Day 2 usually at 12.15pm

–          Afternoon tea:  Day 1 usually at 3pm.  Day 2 usually at 2.45pm

Do I really need to fill out the questionnaire?  Yes, filling out the questionnaire allows our trainers to prepare for your attendance and research story ideas for you.  Trainers undertake a Google News search on behalf of all participants prior to the training which provides clients with great new ideas.  The completed questionnaire is required for this work to be undertaken.

What do I need to bring with me?  Please bring the following:

–          Your lap top (if you have one) plus an extension cord to plug it in

–          A notepad and pen

–          A jacket (in case the air conditioning is hot or cold)

–          Your lunch and snacks.  We do provide light catering for morning and afternoon tea each day but feel free to bring things to munch on during the training – anything that will keep you energetic and vibrant such as fruit and nuts. The course does not include lunch, but there are cafes nearby.

–          An open mind to new possibilities of promoting your business in ways you may have never imagined.

Do I need internet connection?  For the majority of the training you will not require internet connection.  The internet should only be accessed during the press release writing session which is late on day 1.  This is only required if you need to research background information to include in your press release but is not always necessary.

When is the latest I can let you know the name of my partner?  You must notify us if you are bringing a partner at the time of enrolment.  You must confirm your partner’s name at least 7 days prior to the training.  No partners are permitted to attend unless 7 days notice has been given.  This is because our trainings are small and in classroom style.  We make arrangements with the venue for a particular number of seats and catering. Last minute changes to numbers and catering cannot be accommodated.  Thank you for your understanding.

Is there parking?  There are parking options nearby all venues.  Please contact the venue direct to determine availability and cost.  The cost of parking is not included in the training.  Public transport may be another option – please check local schedules in your city.

How many people are in the training?  Training events are limited to approximately 12 businesses at a time.  With partners, there could be as many as 24 people in the room, but usually the number is closer to 14-18.

Am I able to receive private PR consultation or have Sue write Press Releases for me? You will receive plenty of personalised assistance during the training and you will find there is no need for a personal consultant. Once you receive the press release template during the training you will be able to write all your own press releases.

Can I cancel my training?  According to our terms and conditions on the back of the form you received and signed on registration there are no cancellations available.  You are able to reschedule your training, but there may be a cost incurred.  Please refer to the terms and conditions of the training here.

Do you provide a certificate or recognition after the training?  At present we do not provide a certificate for graduates however we do add your to our Graduates Facebook Group Page so you can meet others who have done the training and be inspired by their results. 

I want to postpone my seminar or training.  You may postpone your training as long as you provide us with sufficient notice. Penalties and charges may be incurred.  Please refer to the terms and conditions of the training here.

Myself or my partner may be late or have to leave early on one or both of the days – is that possible?  We encourage all participants to attend for the duration of the training, however if this is not possible you may arrive late or leave early.  You understand by doing this that you may miss out on some content.  Both days are organised so the final hour is activity based, so little content is shared during that time.

Do we have to bring a laptop? You don’t have to bring a lap top – a notebook is sufficient.  A lap top is useful however as you will be required to create a press release in an electronic format and email it to our trainers in the evening of Day 1 so it would be easiest for you to commence that during the training. 

Can we do day one now and day two another time?  It is not advisable to split the training across different dates as you will lose momentum, and likely forget aspects you learned between the dates.

Can my partner do the training in another city?  It is not advisable for your partner to do the training in another city.  You and your partner will generate more and better ideas by doing the training together.

Can my partner use the training for their own business? Your partner is attending to support your business.  During the training we will only assist participants with a single business (this includes press release critiques).  If your partner leaves the training and is able to apply the learnings to their business then we’re more than happy about that.

How can I prepare myself prior to the training?  Please complete the questionnaire with as much information as possible. If you wanted to get a jump start on the training a good strategy is to start identifying media outlets (TV and radio shows, newspapers, magazines and online news services) that you would like to appear in, and also the names of journalists who might be interested in your story.  Create an excel spreadsheet of names. You might even call the receptionist of the radio station or magazine and ask for email addresses and phone numbers and add those to the list too. This will save you some time after the training.


We’re so excited to be working with you and can’t wait to help you get media exposure. The results of our students are always outstanding.

The most important thing to remember is to come with an open mind and a positive outlook – then the sky really is the limit!





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Sue’s live, half-day publicity seminars are more than a standard PR course, or press release writing program – they provide real advice about how you and your business can get on TV and radio,

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