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Attention Business Owners, Authors and Speakers:

Do you feel like you've got a great business or brilliant idea - but you just don't know how to get it out there in a bigger way?

"I can show you how to fast track your business growth by getting $20,000 in FREE media coverage this month and every month, helping you reach more people, score instant credibility and increase sales."


Do you feel like you struggle every day to reach the right kind of customers?

Do you feel like you spend your whole life working hard but never seem to get very far?

Do you open a magazine, read an article relating to your industry and know that you could have been the expert instead of your competitor?

Do you know you have a story to tell, but you don’t know how to get it out to the world?

Do you watch A Current Affair, the Today Show or Sky Business and think ‘if only I could get that kind of promotion’?

Do you think getting publicity is only for bigger businesses and government?

Do you believe that the only way to get publicity is hiring an expensive PR firm – and you just don’t have that kind of money?

Do you feel intimidated by the media?

If your answer is ‘yes’ to any of these questions then keep reading, this letter is definitely for you…

Whether you’re self-employed, a business owner, or entrepreneur – you’re probably working too much for little return.

What if you could instantly reach hundreds or even thousands more customers who love what you offer and want to do business with you?

Being in the media can transform your business overnight.  And best of all…

You don’t need to invest thousands of dollars hiring a PR firm to create your media campaign!

It’s easy to create big media results yourself in just a few hours per month – as long as you know what to do and how to do it.

How Daniel got to number 2 on Google and

tripled his inquiries after being on Channel 10 !

Free Publicity TV Interview“The impact from being on Channel 10 has been dramatic.  My business enquiry rate has literally tripled in two days.

Thanks to the high level links from Channel 10 and the exposure of my url on TV, Google took my business web site from the bottom of page two to the second listing on page 1 of search results in 5 hours. This opens the very real possibility that I could knock my multi-million dollar multi-decade operating competitor off their perch.

My efforts to get into the media have gone from occasional mentions in my local paper to positive national TV exposure.

What Sue’s gift to a business owner is to take away the veil of how the media works and reveal how journalists and news producers think with wisdom and insight that only a ‘high level insider’ can give.

Understanding this you can provide content to journalists that is attractive to them and makes their lives easy.

Daniel Phillips, Sydney Ghost Tours

But that’s just one example.  The truth is..

 ANY business can get media exposure

– all it takes is some insider knowledge

The media – including traditional outlets like TV, radio, newspapers and magazines, as well as online outlets like bloggers, Google News and digital news services are incredibly powerful and have the ability to…

Help you reach many more customers overnight… Give you Google and search engine dominance…. Drive new customers to your business… Give you expert status… Give you instant credibility… Turn your products and services into ‘must-haves’, and much more.

Purchase the Publicity for Profit home study program and

I will show you what a journalist really wants and prove that getting media coverage is not complicated, difficult or expensive. I’ll reveal the proven blueprint for how you can generate thousands of dollars in free publicity and sales AND do it on an ongoing basis.

Don’t wait – there are journalists out there today who want to hear from you.

If your competitor is already in the media – they are stealing your clients without you even realising it!

The longer you delay, the more media opportunities you are missing.

It’s so important you learn from a journalist so you understand how to do this the right way. I’m giving you the insider tips from the perspective of a journalist who’s also highly experienced in PR – and you just won’t find this information anywhere else. With some direction and a few insider secrets from me, you can achieve instant credibility, increase your sales and outshine your competitors.

“$80,000 in free publicity – including a Channel 7 exclusive and a public speaking engagement worth thousands!”

$80,000 in free media publicity

After Sue’s course I sent out our first press release to mainstream media and had Channel 7’s Morning Show get back to me within two minutes wanting an exclusive!

"It not only generated a huge, nation-wide response but we also had print media wanting to do stories as well.

Since then Scott has scored his first live speaking engagement as a result of someone watching the Morning Show. Sue’s course is a must!”

Belinda and Scott Woolford,

Spatial Energetics

“We made over $50,000 in sales from one newspaper article as a result of working with Sue!”

$50,000 in free media publicity

“Not only have we had coverage in a major metropolitan newspaper but we’ve also had several radio interviews. And that coverage has led to concrete results.

We increased our attendance at our event by 50% and that gave us a direct financial return, as a result of working with Sue."

Ken Wood,

Universal Events

$60,000 in free publicity on Channel 10's The Project

$60,000 in free media publicity

Sue's training “Publicity for Profit”, was one of the best things we have done for our businesses. Sue breaks down the processes of gaining incredible publicity for your business into simple tasks. It is literally a step by step guide on how to boost your profile on potentially a massive scale. Two months after completing her training I appeared on national TV show, The Project!!

Sonya Karras,

Australian Teenage Expo

$36,000 in free publicity on Today Tonight and Sunday Times

$36,000 in free media publicity on Today Tonight

“What an amazing few days I’ve had after being on Today Tonight!

Sue, I can’t thank you enough for all your knowledge and help. Going on Today Tonight was something I thought was not possible until I understood the power of writing your kind of press release – thank you!.”

Kylie Apostles,

Morgan Annie Mineral Makeup

"I think Sue is amazing!"

free publicity in Cosmopolitan Magazine

“I’m so grateful to have attended your wonderful course. I fully urge others to do so too. Radiant Being is featured in Cosmopolitan Health this month. Thanks again for your help.”.

Hayley Lewis,

Radient Being

Discover how to generate $120,000 in free publicity in the next six months (no kidding) by learning my insider journalist secrets – whether you’re already running a business or just have a business idea

For the last few years I have been teaching small business owners how to do their own publicity easily and the results have been AMAZING! So, now I am making the same training available as a home study program for those who can’t attend a live training. It’s called:

Publicity for Profit:

How to Generate Free Publicity for Your Business

This program is a live event that was filmed and converted into a home study program. It covers ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING I have to share regarding generating free media publicity for your business that will give you HUGE RESULTS in your business. It will certainly give you a massive advantage over others in your industry, because I’m sharing what works.

“So What Exactly Will I Receive with the

Publicity for Profit Home-Study Program?”

1. Your Publicity for Profit Workbook

The core of the course is your sturdy information packed workbook that walks you through the entire system in detail. This is the EXACT SAME Workbook that all of my workshop attendees received, featuring the identical PowerPoint presentations that I used throughout the entire event. It contains dozens of templates, notes, samples and examples that I use as you go through all the sessions. The workbook is neatly divided by TOPIC so it’s easy to go back to and find what you’re looking for every time.

2. Your 6 x DVD series pack

The DVD series contains 14 hours of edited vision of the 2-day live event. With these DVDs you can watch and learn along with those who attended the event, just as if you were in the room. You will want to watch the DVDs as you go through the workbook – they are designed to work together.

3. How to Get Publicity in the Media – Fully Explained

We’ve loaded the DVDs and the workbook with everything you’ll need to know to get into the media including:

  • How to come up with multiple news story ideas about your business – there are 12 ways to come up with a story idea and these are all fully explained
  • How to create a winning press release that has a journalist calling you back
  • The Press Release Template that makes crafting a press release a breeze for anyone regardless of writing or language skills
  • Press release examples that have generated thousands in free publicity
  • Who is who in the media – a full explanation of roles and who you should contact

PLUS – I also show you:

  • What to say on email when you send your press release to a journalist for the first time
  • What to say on the phone when you make a follow up phone call to a journalist – this is crucial to getting publicity
  • How to make the most of your publicity for years to come
  • Simple online marketing to create profit from the new customers who hit your web site after seeing you in the media
  • How to create an online media kit on your web site
  • How to handle any media interview
  • How to use Google News to get your press release to Number #1 on Google
  • How to create the best mindset for media success
  • How to understand your purpose – and how this makes it easier to connect with the audience of a TV show or newspaper
“Sue, Sounds Great. What’s My Investment for Your Publicity for Profit Home Study Guide?”

The 2-day live event is priced at a modest $2,997 – but the GOOD NEWS is you don’t need to invest nearly as much to access exactly the same information, learning and benefits.

I STRONGLY believe that the information I have to share will change your life if you put it into action. You can immediately start using the information you learn to generate free publicity and create more sales – and if implemented properly, should easily more than pay for the cost of this product.

The Bottom Line: If You Want Things to Change in a Big Way, You’ve Got to Make BIG Changes!

So, are you ready to step up and play a bigger game using the power of the media?

“Yes Sue, I am ready to commit to taking action and learning your secrets to generated thousands of dollars in free media publicity and creating more sales.”

I understand that with the Publicity for Profit Home Study Program I will receive the following:

  1. Publicity for Profit Workbook, which includes these sections and more:

Come Up with a Newsworthy Story Idea – 12 different ways of coming up with a story idea the media will love

Create a Press Release – that could have a TV producer calling you back to the same day!

Press Release Examples – that have been tried and tested and generated thousands of dollars in free publicity

Press Release Template – line by line what you need to include in the press release, plus a full explanation on how to use it. Once you understand how to use the template creating a press release is a breeze – you could put one together in less than 30 minutes!

The Media Fully Explained – who is who in the media and who do you need to be in touch with to discuss your story

Easily Find Contacts in the Media – the easiest ways to find names, email addresses and phone numbers

Pitch Your Story to the Media – including the script of words to write in your first email and the script of what to say on the phone when you call to follow up

Create an Online Media Kit – what to put in the kit and where to put it on your web site for maximum exposure to journalists

Create Mindset Shifts for Wealth Attraction – how to reprogram your mind for big leaps in income, and avoiding common mistakes when attempting to raise the bar.

  1. Your 6 x DVD series:

Your DVD series contains the complete edited vision of the live 2-day training that took place behind closed doors at the Publicity for Profit training. By the time you finish watching the entire set, you will know the same secrets and strategies I revealed only to those exclusive attendees.

  1. Special Bonuses

Bonus 1: How to Get to Number One on Google News. How to distribute your press release online, which results in massive search engine optimisation benefits

Bonus 2: Media Interview Training – feel confident answering any question, know what to wear and the best body language to use

Which Risk-Free Payment Option Would You Like?

You’ll get EVERYTHING you need to get free media publicity and create more sales right away. It’s truly a PR campaign in a box, A to Z!

REFUND POLICY: The information shared in Publicity for Profit is highly classified – it is, after all, the system I have used in my own business (and the one I teach to my private coaching clients who pay thousands of dollars to learn from me). That’s why, in my decision to make Publicity for Profit accessible AND more affordable as a home-study product, I MUST make Publicity for Profit a non-refundable purchase. This is 100% because of the highly “classified” information I share with you that I ONLY want in the hands of those who are serious. So, please understand that if you invest in your business with the Publicity for Profit Home Study Program, your purchase is FINAL.

Remember, what’s ONE new high-end client or TV spot worth to you and your business?

To your success,

Sophie Henshaw - Five major media appearances in 8 weeks, including national TV exposure - and more to come!

I can’t believe how ridiculously easy Sue’s system is. I had massive results sending out 2 targeted press releases. EVERYTHING Sue promised in her course has come to fruition, and quickly too. She delivered on everything she promised and more. REALLY amazing value and by far the best course I’ve done (and I’ve done a few!) with the most integrity.

I’ve spent thousands of dollars last year on courses and ironically the most expensive yielded the poorest results. It left me disillusioned and mistrustful, but Sue Papadoulis is the read deal. Her affordable course delivers the most and fastest results.

As a personal mentor I’ve found her to have almost a sixth sense of where I’m at and what I need in my business. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to you personally.

Sophie Henshaw

Michele Chevalley – two national TV appearances in two weeks! 

Sue I have no doubt that you gave me the confidence and skills that I needed – that every business owner needs. Small chunks of clear information has led me to all this fun stuff. Now I’m off to New York to launch my book! Thank you so much.

Michele Chevalley

Pip Wynn Owen – 3 stories in her capital city newspaper, 4 radio interviews, several magazine articles and a TV appearance.

I am becoming the ‘go to’ childbirth expert! The West Australian newspaper just called me and I have just been interviewed on Channel 9. Your programs have given me the skills and confidence. Thank you Sue!

Pip Wynn Owen

Nina Kaminski - Her partner was interviewed by a capital city newspaper and as a result then offered a big speaking opportunity, as well as free premium office space to kick start his business – wow!

A huge thank you Sue. Things are getting better and better for my partner Owen after we attended your Publicity for Profit seminar. He was interviewed by a major newspaper and the story appeared on the weekend. As a result of that one article he has been asked to speak at a breakfast for lawyers at the beginning of next month. Plus he has was offered and has just secured free - yes free - premium optimum business space to help kick start his business Allied Projects.

None of this would have happened without the story in the newspaper and now everyone's wanting to know his secret.

Nina Kaminski

If we can be of any assistance to you, our contact details are:  Bliss Life Enterprises T/A Publicity for Profit,  PO Box 285, Karrinyup, WA 6018 

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