Publicity Tip : Know your own industry
Journalists are always on the lookout for different industry spokespersons. They don’t want to tal [more]
Publicity Tip : Always be available
Once you send out a press release or approach a journalist about a story, they assume you are availa [more]
Publicity Tip : Stay on message
Whether you are writing a press release or doing an interview, you will always have a key message. T [more]
Publicity Tip : Before an interview- always do your research
Make sure you know who is interviewing you. This may sound very obvious but you’d be amazed by how [more]
Publicity Tip : Go above and beyond
Once a journalist is interested in covering your story, be as helpful as you can. Remember, the more [more]
Publicity Tip : Be prepared for an interview
Once you’ve organised an interview, you need to make sure you are prepared. If your interview is o [more]
Publicity Tip : Always have images available
Whether your story is for print, online, radio or tv, more often than not, journalists will always b [more]
Publicity Tip : Know your press release
If you are sending a press release to a journalist- make sure you are familiar with what’s in it. [more]
Publicity Tip : Be a problem solver
The media is all about giving its audience what they want. They want to keep their readers or listen [more]
Publicity Tip : Know your audience
Before you contact a journalist or a producer, you need to do your research. Make sure you find out [more]
Publicity Tip : Always provide your website details
When writing a press release or pitching a story to a journalist, make sure you always give details [more]
Publicity Tip: Make sure your message is upfront
When you’re pitching a story to a journalist, you want to peak their interest straight away. In yo [more]
Publicity Tip: Wait for it
Once you’ve been interviewed by a journalist, follow up the next day and ask if they need anything [more]
Publicity Tip: Offer to write an opinion piece
Offer to write an opinion piece on a topic in your field for online news and niche sites as well as [more]
Publicity Tip: Be open to reviews
Pitch your product or service to bloggers who are open to reviews. Every business can be reviewed wh [more]
Publicity Tip: Short and Sweet
Your email pitch to a journalist is just as important as the press release. Keep the email to two or [more]
Publicity Tip: Localise your story
If you are choosing to also target local media make sure you have localised the media release. The m [more]
Publicity Tip: Respond Straightaway
Aim to respond straight away to a journalist’s requests. They will remember you as easy to work wi [more]
Publicity Tip: Piggyback onto a popular cause
Piggyback onto a popular cause. For example an alcohol counselor tied a story pitch into Dry July ab [more]
Publicity Tip: Tweak your story
If a media release isn’t capturing the attention you’d hoped, tweak it a little or start again. [more]
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