Publicity Tip: Television Exclusive
Television shows often want your story on an exclusive basis, which means they want to interview you [more]
Publicity Tip: Look for Opportunities to Write Opinion Pieces
Often trade and specialist media are open to publishing content written by you in the form of an opi [more]
Publicity Tip: Silence is Not A Bad Thing
If you don’t hear from a journalist straight after you send your media release this does not mean [more]
Publicity Tip: Nothing is off the Record
When talking to a journalist never assume you are talking off the record, even after it seems the in [more]
Publicity Tip: Reach Out to Influencers
Influencers have a strong following on at least one social platform and will often talk about your p [more]
Publicity Tip: Journalists Delete Emails Without Looking
If you send a journalist a media release and you get a quick reply email that they are on holidays d [more]
Publicity Tip: How much time should I be spending on getting publicity?
It’s entirely up to you, but you can generate exception publicity from just an hour or two per mon [more]
Publicity Tip: How much media is available to business owners sending in a press release?
How much of a newspaper/TV show, radio program, magazines, blog is available to us as business owner [more]
Publicity Tip: Journalists respond to consistency and persistence.
If you want to get publicity make a 6 month plan to send out one press release per month for 6 month [more]
Are You Worth 10 Minutes a Day?
Do less, find just ten minutes a day to be peaceful, and you'll earn more -- happiness, money, prosp [more]
Is there a quick and easy way to come up with a news story idea
One of the quickest ways of getting publicity is to tie in with something that's already happening i [more]
Publicity Tip : How to Get onto a Prime-Time TV Show
Being on a major TV show has the ability to completely transform your business overnight. Having [more]
Publicity Tip : How to Plan Your Life to Get More Out of Your Day
The idea of time management leaves me cold. I get anxious just at the mention of that phrase [more]
Publicity Tip : Always critique your interview
Most people don’t like watching themselves on tv or listening to their voice on radio. However, if [more]
Publicity Tip : Practise, practise, practise
Before you do an interview, make sure you practise. Ask your partner or a friend to do a mock interv [more]
Publicity Tip : Always tell the truth
When you tell a lie- you generally get caught out at some stage. If you lie to a journalist or durin [more]
Publicity Tip : Don’t ever wing it
When you’re speaking to a journalist or doing an interview make sure you know what you are talking [more]
Publicity Tip : Doing an interview- just be yourself
Often people think that they need to speak or act differently when they are being interviewed. That [more]
Publicity Tip : Easy to read press release
If you are writing a press release, make sure it’s easy to read. Journalists usually skim read pre [more]
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