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Sue Papadoulis
It is a great blessing to me to have found my place in the world – where my knowledge about the media and how a journalist’s mind works can now be used to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

I can’t tell you how excited I get when I see the results of my students, and how being in the media is leading to amazing new opportunities, as well as providing them great credibility and self belief.

The fact I worked as a journalist and News Editor for 10 years in busy radio and television newsrooms in Australia and London has given me insider knowledge about how the media works and what a journalist wants.

So, why did I leave the profession? The truth is I had an early mid-life crisis that began with some big questions about the legacy I was leaving.

I started to become disillusioned with my profession and the negativity of the news.

Being immersed in bad news all day every day was taking its toll. I started to think more carefully about the impact I was having on the world, and I was sad to realise, that impact was largely negative.

In a major aha moment, I realised journalism was no longer for me, and made the decision to move into one of the only other career options available – public relations.

When I left journalism I was bitter and jaded from 10 years of reporting shocking and disturbing stories. But when I moved into PR, I felt like I didn’t belong there either.

The froth and bubbles world of as PR agency didn’t sit well with me, and I never really felt like it was what I was meant to do.

Time went on and I got married, had a baby and decided to start my own PR agency from home.

While I was generating millions of dollars of free publicity for my clients, it still wasn’t enough.

I wanted more from life. I wanted to inspire others to step up, reach higher and play a bigger game.

I realised I could easily and effectively teach entrepreneurs how to do their own PR work and get great results. And so, my seminars and trainings began.

I’ve also had the privilege of co-authoring two inspiring books – the Amazon best seller Align, Expand and Succeed: Shifting the Paradigms of Entrepreneurial Success, and Ignite Your Business Mojo.

I have managed to turn my experience of the media from one that was largely negative, into a force for good – not just for me, but for so many others.

Mastering the secrets of the media is the key to generating publicity for profit.

It’s wonderful to be sharing this adventure with you.

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Sue’s live, half-day publicity seminars are more than a standard PR course, or press release writing program – they provide real advice about how you and your business can get on TV and radio,

and published in newspapers and magazines.

Best of all, the advice comes from Sue’s vast experience as a journalist. She reveals her insider secrets to how

the media works – you just can’t find this information anywhere else.

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