How You Could Get Publicity on TV, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines and Online for FREE – and Create More Sales!

Media Publicity Results

Scott and Belinda Woolford
Channel 7’s Morning Show

$80,000 in free publicity

“After Sue’s course I sent out my first press release to mainstream media and had Channel 7’s Morning Show get back to me within two minutes saying they were interested and wanted to do a story on Scott.”

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Sonya Karras
The Project

$60,000 in free publicity

“Sue’s training “Publicity for Profit”, was one of the best things we have done for our businesses. Two months after completing her training I appeared on national TV show, The Project!! It works.”

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Kylie Apostles
Today Tonight & The Sunday Times

$36,000 in free publicity

“Going on Today Tonight was something I thought was not possible until I understood the power of writing your kind of press release.”

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Live Publicity Seminars

How to Generate Free Publicity for Your Business

Learn how any business can generate free publicity and create more sales in a live publicity seminar.

This is not an introduction. It is a small-group seminar full of unique, nothing-like-it content that you can use straight away. This is not one of the big seminars where you’re one of 300 people who will never truly understand the content. We limit the number of participants to 20-25 so we can deliver maximum value and personalised attention to everyone in the room.

Who is Sue Papadoulis and Why Should You Listen to Me?

Ok, good question. Here’s my background.

I worked as a TV and radio journalist for 10 years in busy newsrooms in Australia and London, reaching the top of my profession at age 28 when I became News Editor.

As exciting as the media is, the truth was I became disillusioned with my profession and the negativity of the news. In a major aha moment, I realised journalism was no longer for me, and made the decision to move into public relations (or as I called it the dark side!). I worked in government, private enterprise and started my own PR agency generating on average $6million a year in free publicity for my clients. But it just wasn’t enough… I wanted to do something more.

I launched into the online world with a website for women working from home, Home Biz Chicks and scored national media coverage on A Current Affair. I started to realised that I could easily and effectively teach entrepreneurs how to do their own PR work and get great results. And so, my seminars and trainings began.

Since then my students have appeared on just about every major media organisation you can think of in Australia.

Importantly, I walk my talk – using public relations to generate millions of dollars of free publicity for myself. I’ve been featured on TV, radio and digital news services, and in newspapers and magazines around the country and the world.

And now I’m available to teach you how to do the same

As a journalist by trade I know:

✓ What a journalist wants and needs from you

✓ How to get their attention. And especially

✓ How to give them exactly what they need so you get a great story.

Publicity Tips

How to Get on TV

So, you want to know how to get on TV? The first step in getting on TV is understand what the journalist from the TV show wants from a good story. If you can meet the need of the journalist and spark interest amongst their audience, you will find getting on TV relatively easy.

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How to Write a Press Release

Learning how to write a press release is a key component of knowing how to generate publicity in the media and get your story published in a newspaper or magazine, on TV or radio.

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Free PR Advice

As a former journalist the best free PR advice I can give you is never mention the ‘p’ word. That is, don’t ask for free publicity!

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What others are saying...

Ken Wood
Universal Events
$50,000 in sales from ONE newspaper article

“Not only have we had coverage in a major metropolitan newspaper but we’ve also had several radio interviews. And that coverage has led to concrete results. We increased our attendance by 50% and that gave us a direct financial return, as a result of working with Sue.”

Facebook feedback...

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Sue's events are...

info packed





Sue’s live, half-day publicity seminars are more than a standard PR course, or press release writing program – they provide real advice about how you and your business can get on TV and radio,

and published in newspapers and magazines.

Best of all, the advice comes from Sue’s vast experience as a journalist. She reveals her insider secrets to how

the media works – you just can’t find this information anywhere else.

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